Pink Health D2zee – 100 Cap


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Unique Benefits :-

  • Effective for all the types of diarrhoea.
  • Effectively controls Dysentery.
  • Amoebic Dysentery inhibits Entamoeba histolytica.
  • Bacillary Dysentery acts against Shigella spp
    Gives relief from abdominal cramps.
  • i.e. Secretory, osmotic, motility related diarrhoea, infectious diarrhoea & dysentery, Broad spectrum antidiarrhoeal,Inhibits E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Giardia.

Precautions to reduce the risk of Infection :-

  1. Washing hands after using the toilet & after contact with an infected person.
  2. Washing hands before handling, cooking & eating food.
  3. Keeping minimum contact with someone known to have dysentery.
  4. Avoiding sharing items such as towels & cloths.

Dosage :-

Day 1: 2 Capsules twice a day

Next 3 Days: 1 Capsule twice a day


10×10 cap

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