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    Aimil Boniheal Suspension
    Aimil Boniheal Suspension 515.001,854.00
    • Boniheal is a comprehensive phyto-mineral bone therapy that addresses fractured bones, osteoporosis, delayed bone growth, and bone mineral deficiency.
    • The suspension contains a superior bone health antioxidant that stimulates osteoblasts, the bone-building cells, leading to increased bone density.
    • It neutralizes free radicals effectively, protecting bones from damage and deterioration.
    • Developed based on the latest scientific research, Boniheal includes essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc, along with botanical extracts for normal bone health maintenance.
    • The special combination provides calcium in four active forms, aids in calcium absorption with natural vitamin D from olive, promotes bone formation with magnesium from Jahar mohra, and supports calcium uptake and immune function with zinc from Yashad.
    • Asthishrinkhla, an ancient herb, enhances bone healing, particularly beneficial for fractures.
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    Aimil Muscalt Forte Tablets
    Aimil Muscalt Forte Tablets 283.00536.00
    • Boosts body defense system to maintain joint health and mobility by modulating humeral and cell mediated immune response to aches.
    • Supplements flavonoids, nourishes ligaments & muscles, relieves swelling and other signs of degenerative joint disease.
    • Reduces pain and inflammation of joints, provides natural anti-inflammatory response, inhibits the synthesis of inflammatory mediators i.e. Prostaglandins.
    • Protects joints from free radical damage, promotes anti-oxidant joint protection by reverting anti-oxidant enzymes level to near normal.
    • Protects and rejuvenates joints cartilages, decreases cartilage damage by decreasing proteoglycan degeneration.
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    Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule – 100 Cap
    Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule – 100 Cap Original price was: ₹550.00.Current price is: ₹521.00.

    Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule is a calcium supplement used in post menopausal osteoporosis, osteomalacia & prevents fragile bone fractures. Laxadi guggal, Abha guggal, Kishore guggal makes bones strong. Shankha Bhasma provide natural calcium. Harjora helps in rejoining of fratures. 

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    Ayulabs Mobyl Ointment – 25 Gm
    Ayulabs Mobyl Ointment – 25 Gm (Pack of 2) Original price was: ₹170.00.Current price is: ₹161.00.

    Ayulabs Mobyl Ointment contains Narayan oil, Wintergreen oil, Nilgiri oil & other ingredients which makes it a potent topical anti-inflammatory, counter irritant and rubefacient which is useful in indications like Frozen shoulders, Sprains, Low back pain, Sport injury etc.

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    Ayulabs Penwel Nutra Capsule – 30 Cap
    Ayulabs Penwel Nutra Capsule – 30 Cap | Best for Joint pain & inflammation Original price was: ₹486.00.Current price is: ₹461.00.

    Ayulabs Penwel Nutra Capsule  is combination of Herbs and Nutraceutical for Osteoarthritis, it is offers Condropotective and reduces Pain & inflammation. it is slow down degenaration of cartilages.

  • Ayulabs Penwel Oil – 60 ML (Pack of 2) | Best for Relieve Joint Pain and Boost Mobility Naturally 240.00

    Ayulabs Penwel Oil contains Gandhpura oil, Nirgundi oil, Vatad oil, Narayan oil, Nilgiri oil and other ingredients is atopical application which helps in relieving pain in stiff joints, improves the joint mobility by reducing inflammation. Safe for prolong use.

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    Ban Labs R Pairyn Tablet – 100 Tab
    Ban Labs R Pairyn Tablet – 100 Tab (Pack of 2) Original price was: ₹216.66.Current price is: ₹210.00.

    Ban Labs R Pairyn Tablet is a comprehensive treatment for all symptoms of joint pain. The accumulation of ama in joints and subsequent damage causes cartilage degradation, resulting in immobility. The R. Pairyn tablet is formulated using a balanced combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, digestive, and immuno-modulatory herbs that reduce pain and inflammation and provide long-lasting relief.

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    Ban Labs Rhue Caplet – 100 Tab
    Ban Labs Rhue Caplet – 100 Tab Original price was: ₹395.00.Current price is: ₹375.25.

    Ban Labs Rhue Caplet is best for alleviates joint and muscular pain. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritic arthritis is a condition in which the inflammatory process is triggered and maintained by multiple factors at the same time. Arthritis is associated with the gut in Ayurveda. Toxins (Ama) are formed in the gut as a result of irregular eating habits, weakened digestive fire (Agni), or disturbed dosha balance, affecting the joints and soft tissues and resulting in inflammatory and obstructive processes.

    However, for long-term success, such treatments must be part of an integrative approach that includes dietary and nutritional changes, detoxification, and therapeutic exercise.

  • Ban Labs Rhue Oil – 100 Ml 198.00

    Dalchini oil, Lavang oil, Sarsav oil, Kapur, Phudina, and Ajwayan phool are blended together in Ban Labs Rhue Oil for treating muscular and skeletal disorders. These have synergistic muscle and bone strengthening effects and provide significant relief from inflammation and pain.

  • Ban Labs Rhue Rub – 50 Gm (Pack of 2) | Effective Pain Reliever 250.00

    Ban labs Rhue rub rapid action is designed to relieve muscular pain, stiff neck and shoulder, joint pain, sprains, and strains. It contains Kapur, Phudina, Salai Guggul, Sunth, Gandhpura oil, Nilgiri oil, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. A natural, fast-acting, long-lasting, and safe formula for pain relief. The easy-to-carry and no-fuss dispensing tube allows for use anywhere and at any time.

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    Dhanvantari Rumon Capsule Original price was: ₹290.00.Current price is: ₹261.00.

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    Dhanvantari Rumon Gold Tablet 207.00440.00
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