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    Aimil Semento Capsules
    Aimil Semento Capsules 549.001,040.00


    • Aimil Semento Capsules is a licensed Ayurvedic formulation with over 30 herbal and classical medicinal preparations.
    • Naturally increases stamina, tones the body, enhances vitality, and builds efficient muscular strength.
    • Ideal for stressed-out men, it tones body functions, boosts energy levels, and elevates mood.
    • Protects the body from oxidative damage and promotes overall male health by providing essential nutrients.
    • Acts as an ideal toner, enhancing physical and mental well-being.
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  • Aimil Shilajit Gold Capsules – 20 Caps 460.00
    • Aimil Shilajit Gold Capsules is a potent blend of energising minerals, potent botanicals, and high strength.
    • In order to increase boys’ desire, memory, endurance, spark, energy, and intensity, as well as their overall performance, Aimil Shilajit Gold Capsules is a natural premium health tonic that combines robust, active components that have been enhanced with gold, copper, and silver.
    • Gold is a good supplement since it improves metabolism and slows the ageing process. It also maintains the body’s equilibrium.
    • The ability of gold to regenerate, stop inflammation, and brighten the skin is a major advantage. As a result, Aimil Shilajit Gold Capsule is now the therapy of choice for elderly and ageing individuals seeking restorative and rejuvenative health.
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  • Ayulabs Ayuplus Capsule – 10 Cap | Boosts vitality & vigour 110.00

    Ayulabs Ayuplus Capsule boosts vitality & vigour. It also increases sperm morphology & count, improves overall physiological function. Ayuplus cap. contains Mushli, Suddha Shilajit, Makardhwaj & Bang bhasma

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  • Ayulabs Ugo Tablet – 500 Tab | Enhances Urogenital Health in Females 700.00

    Ayulabs Ugo tablet ingredients contain Ashok, Lodhra, Dashmool, Mayu and other ingredients that helps check conditions like Non specific leucorrhoea, white foul discharge and helps tone up the entire Uro Genital Organ in females.

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    Ban Labs Banovit Tablet
    Ban Labs Banovit Tablet- 100 Tab 91.66

    Ban Labs Banovit Tablet is a herbal vitamin, nutrient, and mineral blend that helps to revitalize the entire body with vigour and vitality. It is a tonic for people of all ages. Shilajit, along with other herbs such as Kaucha, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Bala, acts as a revitalizer and aids in stress management, immune function, and physical and mental health.

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    Ban Labs Ovarin Caplet
    Ban Labs Ovarin Caplet – 100 Tab 495.00

    Ban Labs Ovarin Caplet is a polyherbal preparation used to treat a variety of female reproductive system disorders.Ovarin contains Ashoka, Lodhara, Garbhadharak yog, and Putranjivika. These potent herbal ingredients work together to produce beneficial effects in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD).

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  • Ban Labs Ovarin Syrup – 200 Ml 135.00

    Women have a higher emotional quotient and may be more susceptible to internal medical conditions that are specific to them. From puberty to menopause, their physiological health is impacted by a variety of challenges, such as irregular menstruation or bouts of spasmodic pain and emotional distress during the reproductive phase, or premenstrual syndrome after mood swings and changes after menopause. Between the more common cases of unexplained infertility caused by an imbalance in hormonal secretions, all such conditions in a woman’s health require careful medical attention. Ban Labs Ovarin Syrup is kept healthy and balanced. An excellent uterine and ovarian tonic for women of all ages.

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  • Ban Labs Vysex Dragee – 20 Tab 155.00

    Vajikarana is one of Ashtanga Ayurveda’s eight major specialties. This section is concerned with aphrodisiacs, virility, and progeny health. Plant-based products have been used to stimulate sexual desire and improve performance and enjoyment in life for nearly as long as the human race has existed. Herbal mineral dragee, such as Ban Labs Vysex Dragee, is a one-of-a-kind ayurvedic formulation fortified with powerful stress busters, vitality herbs, and minerals known to help reduce stress and improve strength, vitality, and vigour.

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    Best Toner
  • Charak Addyzoa Caps – 20 Caps | Natural Management for male Infertility 200.00

    Charak Addyzon Caps is an Ayurvedic medicine that is formulated to help improve male fertility. It is a combination of natural herbs and minerals that work together to enhance sperm count, motility, and morphology.

    These herbs work synergistically to increase testosterone levels, improve blood circulation to the reproductive organs, and nourish the reproductive tissues.

    Additionally, The product is suitable for men who are experiencing low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or abnormal sperm morphology. It is also helpful for men who are undergoing infertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI, as it can improve the chances of successful fertilization.

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    Dabur Shilajit Capsules
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    Dabur Shilajit Double Gold
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    Dabur Shilajit Gold
    Dabur Shilajit Gold 242.00399.00

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