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  • Ayulabs Reprost Capsule – 100 Cap 550.00

    Ayulabs Reprost Capsule is a highly effective formulation designed to normalize prostate enlargement and address complications associated with prostatic troubles. Enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, this capsule targets urinary tract congestion, relieves dysuria, and promotes normalized urination.

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    Ban Labs Calcurosin Caplet
    Ban Labs Calcurosin Caplet – 100 Cap 546.25

    Ban Labs Calcurosin Caplet are an authentic ayurvedic formula made up of five herbal ingredients. It has Hazrool Yahood Bhasma,Raphanus sativus, Chandra Prabha, Eladi Churna, and Trivikram Ras in it.
    Magnesium hydroxide [Mg(OH)2] in Hazrool Yahood Bhasma reacts with Calcium Oxalate Calculus to form Magnesium oxalate soluble complex. This procedure aids in the disintegration of large calculi into smaller particles.
    Raphanus sativus, available in capsule and syrup form, can help with urinary complaints and dysuria.

    Chandra Prabha can help with urinary retention, polyuria, calculi, burning micturition, hematuria, and urinary tract infection.

    Eladi Churna has a significant impact on dysuria.

    Trivikram Ras has done outstanding work in the disintegration of any type of calculus.

    Tankankhar has diuretic and sedative/analgesic properties.

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    Ban Labs Calcurosin Syrup
    Ban Labs Calcurosin Syrup – 200 Ml (Pack of 2) 280.00

    Ban Labs Calcurosin Syrup is scientifically designed and clinically demonstrated formula which acts as natural alkalizer and pH regulator. It contains Navsar (Ammonium Chloride),Nimbu ka Sat (Citric Acid) and Yavakshar (Potassium Carbonate).

    Navsar (Ammonium Chloride) present in it acts as diuretic, ammonium chloride found to be reduced the incidence of calculi significantly.
    Nimbu ka Sat (Citric Acid) – Urinary citrate inhibits calcium oxalate and phosphate crystallization, aggregation and agglomeration and low urine citrate levels can predispose to calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
    Yavakshar (Potassium Carbonate) is diuretic and resolvent, it is use to remove obstruction in passages, and in colic, urinary diseases, dysuria and in painful micturition.

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  • Ethichem Laboratories Calcurin Capsule – 100 Caps 180.00

    Because of our extensive experience in this field, we are committed to providing high-quality Ethichem Laboratories Calcurin Capsule. The offered capsule is precisely processed under hygienic conditions in complete compliance with international quality standards, using high-quality ingredients.

    This capsule is highly sought after in the market due to its efficacy and precise composition. Furthermore, our offered capsule is tested on a variety of well-defined parameters in the medical industry by our experienced quality controllers.

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  • Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Brihatyadi Kashayam – 200 ML (Pack Of 5) 550.00

    Brihatyadi Kashayam is an ayurvedic classical medicine mainly used for the treatment of dysuria a painful and difficult urination. It has diuretic action and improves urine flow

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  • Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Chandanasavam – 450 ML 80.00

    Kottakkal Chandanasavam is a special Ayurvedic medicine formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide relief from various genito-urinary diseases and leucorrhea, as well as to improve general debility.

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  • Maharshi Badri M.Alkaline-21 Granules – 200 Gm (Pack Of 2) 420.00
    • Reduce pain caused by renal calculi
    • Maintains urine pH
    • Take care of urinary issues and infections.
    • Provide relief from Dysurea and burning sensations
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  • Maharshi Badri Stonil Syrup – 200 ml 285.00
    • Dissolves kidney stones
    • Natural herbs and minerals
    • Improves kidney function
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  • Nagarjuna Kerala Bruhathyaadi Kashaayam – 200 ml 100.00
    • Nagarjuna Kerala Bruhathyaadi Kashaayam has a specific effect on pelvic organs and kidneys.
    • It improves renal function, urine production, and voiding.
    • It restores the body’s fluid balance.
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  • Nagarjuna Kerala Chandraprabha Gulika – 100 tab 250.00
    • Indigestion
    • Eye infections
    • Gynecological problems
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Respiratory disorders
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  • Nagarjuna Kerala Dashamoola Hareethaki Lehyam – 300 Gm 110.00
    • Infections
    • Inflammation
    • Bowel issues
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  • Nagarjuna Kerala Mahaathikthaka Ghrutham – 200 ml 270.00
    • Nagarjuna Kerala Mahaathikthaka Ghrutham is an effective Ayurvedic formulation known for its therapeutic properties.
    • It is made by combining various herbs and ingredients, including mahatiktaka ghrita, which is known in Ayurveda for its detoxifying and rejuvenating properties.
    • Nagarjuna Kerala Mahaathikthaka Ghrutham has traditionally been used to balance pitta dosha and treat pitta-related ailments such as skin conditions, digestive problems, and liver disorders.
    • Ghee is carefully processed and prepared to ensure its potency and effectiveness. It is frequently used to improve general health and well-being.
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    Neel Ayurvedics Bang Bhasma 38.00275.50

    Banga Bhasma is widely used in the treatment of urinary disorders like frequent urination and excessive uterine bleeding. This type of Bhasma can also be used to treat menstrual problems like anovulation and leucorrhoea.

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  • Vaidyaratnam Bhujagalathadi Oil – 200 ml (Pack Of 2) 260.00

    Benefits :

    • Vaidyaratnam Bhujagalathadi Oil is an Ayurvedic oil useful to relieve hair fall, baldness, graying of hairs.
    • It is reputed in heat and aches in head.
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  • Vaidyaratnam Thrunapanchamooladi Kashayam – 200ml (Pack Of 3) 390.00
    • Vaidyaratnam Thrunapanchamooladi Kashayam is an ayurvedic medicine that is used for the treatment of Urinary Incontinence.
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    Vital Care Rencal Capsule – 30 Caps 150.00270.00

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