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    Abbasi Pharmacy Abaduce Tablet – 90 Tab (Pack Of 2) 561.00

    Abaduce Tablet is an Ayurvedic herbo-mineral preparation for treatment of obesity. Abaduce Tablet increases basal metabolic rate and is thermogenic, thereby utilizes the extra energy. Abaduce Tablet prevents the formation of new fat. Abaduce Tablet improves digestive and other metabolic processes. Abaduce Tablet scraps accumulated fat from various organs. Despite this, Abaduce Tablet does not induce weakness or lethargy but instead increases working capacity of a person with its stimulant property.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Aci Cool Tablet – 50 Tabs (Pack Of 3) 390.00

    ABBASI PHARMACY Aci Cool Tablet Provides antisecretory, gastro-protective and antiulcer effect of Amla, Jethimadh,Giloy and Shatavari. Sakar helps in increasing fluid volume in the stomach and reduces effect of hyperacidity. Improves digestion and absorption with Jethimadh, Laving and Sunth. Improves gastric motility with Nasotar, Sunthi and laving. Produces anti-H.pylori effect with Jethimadh. Protects gastric mucosa with Giloy, Jethimath and Amla. Provides Shatavari which increases pH of the stomach, and increases mucosal secretion.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Artholex Tablet – 50 Tabs (Pack Of 2) 560.00

    Artholex tablet is a very unique composition containing Parijat, Bol, Salai Guggulu, Guggulu, Hadsankal among other common Ayurvedic anti-arthritic herbs. Artholex tablet relieves pain and inflammation and also helps in correcting the pathology of joints. Artholex tablet helps in improving lubrication of joints and makes the movement easy. Artholex tablet is beneficial in preventing further deterioration of the arthritic joint. Artholex tablet strengthens the joint with Rasayan dravyas like Ashwagandha, Arjun and Guggulu.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Bodyvital Tablet – 60 Tabs (Pack Of 2) 560.00

    ABBASI PHARMACY Bodyvital Tablet contains strength promoting, rejuvenating, immuno-stimulating herbs that nourish the body, strentgthen nerves, muscles, bones and micro-structures of the body and prevent from deficiencies of macro and micronutrients. The product protects the body from various diseases originated from infection, allergy, auto-immune and malnourishment. Continuous use can also improve the skin complexion and eliminate sexual debility.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Piester Tablet – 50 Tabs (Pack Of 3) 540.00

    ABBASI PHARMACY Piester Tablet contains Arshoghna, Himaj and Harde that regulate bowel movement and prevents constipation. Borsali has astringent and styptic property and prevents burning. Fatakadi shows haemostatic (styptic) effect and prevents bleeding along with Borsali. Daruhaldar also reduces swelling, pain and itching. Neem beej, Daruhaldar and Indrayava demonstrate antiinfective effect and prevent secondary infections.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Rechak Pachak Churna – 100 Gm (Pack Of 3) 330.00

    ABBASI PHARMACY Rechak Pachak Churna Provides laxative effect with Midhiyaval, Himej, Sanchal and Jethimadh. Prevents disturbing gas formulation and flatulence with Suva dana, Variyali and Ajmo. Improves digestion and absorption with Variyali, Ajmo and Suva dana. Also prevents indigestion and constipation related hyperacidity with Jethimadh.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Rhumalex Oil – 100 ML (Pack Of 2) 440.00

    Useful in All arthritic conditions associated with Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Muscular Pain, Joint Pains and all type of Sprains. Also in other traumatic injuries associated with pain and swelling e.g. frozen shoulder, soft tissue injuries, etc.

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  • Abbasi Pharmacy Rhumalex Plus Tablet – 50 Tabs (Pack Of 3) 450.00

    ABBASI PHARMACY Rhumalex Plus Tablet contains Triphala(Amla, Baheda, Harde) which improves digestion and absorption and prevents formation of partially digested food(prevents AMA formation)- the main cause considered in Ayurveda for rheumatic affliction. Rasna and Guggul prevent inflammatory process while Satodi helps clearing accumulated fluid. Ashwagandha helps strengthening joint and muscular tissues.

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    Active Pushpa Syrup 233.70

    Active Pushpa is also effective in balancing the hormones in the female’s body. Adding to this, the product is a complete solution for various menstrual related problems and effective during the stage of menopause for women.

    This ayurvedic health tonic for ladies is meant for females use only.

    As women age they tend to lose bone density and strength, which can lead to osteoporosis. This is when bones become weak and brittle. Kudos best tonic for women weakness improves bone density. This restorative tonic for females provides required multi-vitamins to the body.

    Active Pushpa is tonic for immunity. This ayurvedic medicine for female weakness regularizes the overall balance and boost immunity to fight germs, infections and disorders.

    Active Pushpa is the best ayurvedic medicine for women’s health. It keeps a control over heavy bleeding during or pre-menopause.

    As women age, women develop mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive decline are most common symptoms for women disorder. While searching for best health tonic for ladies in India, you will find Active Pushpa as your best ayurvedic medicine for women’s health.

    The ayurvedic health tonic helps in strengthening the reproductive organs in women and also in the purification of the blood. Active Pushpa is also effective in balancing the hormones in the human.

    It is a complete solution for various menstrual related problems.

    Women generally look for medicines that purify blood. Active Pushpa is one of those medicines which purify blood.

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    Aimil Amalki Tablets 376.00713.00
    • Aimil Amalki Tablets is reduce hyperacidity by maintaining gastric acid secretions.
    • Phytonutrients in Amalki act synergistically to address the root cause of hyperacidity.
    • Amalki inhibits Helicobacter pylori growth and reduces gastric acid secretion.
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    Aimil Amlycure D.S Capsules
    Aimil Amlycure D.S Capsules 342.00648.00
    • Aimil Amlycure D.S Capsules is a liver corrective and protective formulation in Desired Strength.
    • It contains poly-herbal constituents that effectively correct and protect the liver from various diseases.
    • Key ingredients like Kalmegh, Kutaki, Giloe, Tulsi, Sharpunkha, etc., are known for restoring normal liver function and enhancing cellular integrity.
    • Aimil Amlycure D.S Capsules is provides a therapeutic concentration of 5485 mg/10 ml in syrup and 4840mg/ capsule, making it highly effective and preferred as a medicine of choice for liver health.
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