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    Digestwell Lite Kit
    Digestwell Lite Kit 350.00

    Neel Ayurvedics presents a holistic approach to digestive well-being with the Digestwell Lite Kit. This combo includes Triphala Tablet for detoxification and Avipattikar Churna for natural relief from indigestion. Elevate your digestive health the Ayurvedic way.

    What the Customer Receives:

    • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Triphala Tablet (500 Tabs)
    • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Avipattikar Churna (250gm)
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  • -7%Limited
    Digestwell Supreme Kit
    Digestwell Supreme Kit 900.00

    Experience the epitome of digestive well-being with Neel Ayurvedics Digestwell Supreme Kit. This trio includes Avipattikar Powder, Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet, and Hingwashtak Powder. Elevate your digestive health naturally.

    What the Customer Receives:

    • 2 containers of Neel Ayurvedics Avipattikar Powder (250gm each)
    • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet (500 Tabs)
    • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Hingwashtak Powder (250gm )
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  • -6%Limited
    Digestwell Ultimate Kit
    Digestwell Ultimate Kit 1,400.00

    Neel Ayurvedics presents the ultimate solution for digestive harmony – the Digestwell Ultimate Kit. This powerful trio includes Virgo Niyamit Tablet for chronic constipation, Virgo VI-N-Zyme Liquid for improved digestion, and Siddhanand Laxative Powder for overall digestive well-being.

    What the Customer Receives:

    • 6 packs of Virgo Niyamit Tablet (30 Tabs each)
    • 4 bottles of Virgo VI-N-Zyme Liquid (200ml each)
    • 2 containers of Siddhanand Laxative Powder (100gm each)
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