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  • Himalaya Koflet Lozenges -10 (…

    • oothes cough and throat irritation for immediate relief.
    • Reduces cough reflex and calms irritated throat tissues.
    • Supports respiratory health with natural herbal ingredients.
    • Provides long-lasting comfort with slow-dissolving lozenges.
    • Contains licorice, ginger, and holy basil for their soothing and healing properties.
    • Helps alleviate dryness and itchiness in the throat.
    • Convenient and portable for on-the-go use.
    • Supports overall throat well-being and comfort.
    • Made with high-quality natural ingredients for optimal effectiveness.
    • Backed by Himalaya’s reputation for trusted herbal remedies.
    • Suitable for adults and children above the age of six.
    • Can be used as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional.
    • Offers a natural alternative to synthetic cough and throat remedies.
    • Provides relief without the side effects of drowsiness or dizziness.
    • Helps maintain a healthy and clear respiratory system.
    • May improve voice clarity and reduce hoarseness caused by throat irritation.
    • Offers a pleasant taste and enjoyable experience while soothing the throat.
    • Supports overall well-being by promoting a calm and comfortable throat.
    • Can be used during seasonal discomfort or as a preventive measure.
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