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Neel Ayurvedics presents the Detox Lite Combo, a synergy of Rasayan Powder and Wellway Herbal Delight Tea. This combo harnesses the power of Ayurveda to promote natural detoxification, boost immunity, and improve digestion.

Why Choose Detox Lite Combo?

  • Holistic support for natural detoxification.
  • Immunity and digestion enhancement.
  • Premium quality Rasayan Powder and Wellway Herbal Delight Tea.

What the Customer Receives:

  • 1 pack of Rasayan Powder (250gm)
  • 1 tin of Wellway Herbal Delight Tea (100gm)
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Detox Lite Combo – Natural Revitalization for a Healthier You:

Neel Ayurvedics brings you the Detox Lite Combo, a curated blend of Rasayan Powder and Wellway Herbal Delight Tea. Immerse yourself in the goodness of Ayurveda, supporting your body’s natural detoxification process, enhancing immunity, and improving digestion.

  1. Rasayan Powder (250gm – Qty 1): Neel Ayurvedics Rasayan Powder is a vital component of the Detox Lite Combo. Crafted from a harmonious blend of Ayurvedic herbs, this powder is designed to rejuvenate the body and promote overall well-being. Rich in natural antioxidants, Rasayan Powder aids in detoxifying the body, eliminating toxins, and replenishing vitality.Key Benefits:
    • Natural Detoxification: Supports the body’s detox process, eliminating accumulated toxins.
    • Rejuvenation: Enhances overall well-being by revitalizing the body and boosting energy.
    • Antioxidant Boost: Rich in natural antioxidants to promote cellular health.
  2. Wellway Herbal Delight Tea (100gm Tin – Qty 1): Wellway Herbal Delight Tea is an exquisite blend of 22 rare herbs, creating a delightful tea that aids in slimming, detoxification, and immune support. Handcrafted in small batches, this tea includes Tulsi, Cinnamon, Licorice, Arjun bark, Amla, Rose petals, Ginger, and more. The ingredients synergize to offer a myriad of health benefits, from relieving symptoms of asthma to supporting liver, heart, and kidney health.Key Ingredients: Tulsi, Cinnamon, Licorice, Rock salt, Arjun bark, Amla, Rose petals, Ginger, Black pepper, Cardamom, Triphala, Fennel, Clove, Pipli, Bay Leaf, Javitri, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Asafoetida, Brahmi, and Ashwagandha.Key Benefits:
    • Detoxification: Supports the body’s detox process, aiding in cleansing.
    • Immune Boost: Enhances the immune and digestive system naturally.
    • Slimming Properties: Ginger and cardamom contribute to slimming benefits.
    • Caffeine-Free Delight: 100% caffeine-free with no preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Elevate your well-being naturally with Neel Ayurvedics Detox Lite Combo. Embrace the richness of Ayurveda and embark on a journey to revitalized health.

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