Digestwell Supreme Kit


Experience the epitome of digestive well-being with Neel Ayurvedics Digestwell Supreme Kit. This trio includes Avipattikar Powder, Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet, and Hingwashtak Powder. Elevate your digestive health naturally.

What the Customer Receives:

  • 2 containers of Neel Ayurvedics Avipattikar Powder (250gm each)
  • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet (500 Tabs)
  • 1 container of Neel Ayurvedics Hingwashtak Powder (250gm )
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Digestwell Supreme Kit – Ayurvedic Symphony for Digestive Harmony:

Neel Ayurvedics invites you to embark on a journey of digestive rejuvenation with the Digestwell Supreme Kit. This thoughtfully curated ensemble encompasses:

  1. Neel Ayurvedics Avipattikar Powder (250gm – Qty 2): Say goodbye to indigestion woes with the potent Avipattikar Powder. A blend of pure and powerful herbs including haritaki, erand oil, and more, this powder is a natural solution for chronic constipation and piles. Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician.
  2. Neel Ayurvedics Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet (500 Tabs – Qty 1): Harness the benefits of haritaki and erand oil with Aerandbhrusht Harde Tablet. This Ayurvedic gem relieves chronic constipation, offers relief in piles, and promotes digestive balance. Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician.
  3. Neel Ayurvedics Hingwashtak Powder: Immerse yourself in the digestive magic of Hingwashtak Powder. A polyherbal Ayurvedic treasure, it aids in managing digestive disorders, flatulence, indigestion, and constipation. The harmonious blend of hing, kalimirch, ginger, and more delivers relief with each serving. Dosage: Take 1.5-2gm mixed with ghee during meals once or twice a day or after meals with lukewarm water.

Why Choose Digestwell Supreme Kit?

  • Comprehensive digestive support
  • Natural relief from indigestion and constipation
  • Ayurvedic solution for digestive disorders

This Digestwell Supreme Kit from Neel Ayurvedics is a testament to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, offering you a holistic approach to digestive well-being. Embrace the power of nature for a balanced and healthier digestive experience.

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