Zandu Brento Syrup – 200 Ml | Improves Memory Power


Zandu Brento Syrup enhances following brain functions.

  • Cognitive functions
  • Memory power
  • Concentration span & ability
  • Cope up with the stress
  • Keeps the mind calm and vigilant
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Zandu Brento Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Memory Loss, Mental Illness. The key ingredients of Zandu Brento Syrup are Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Nutmeg, Shankhpushpi, and Vacha.

Firstly, Zandu Brento Syrup is used in Increasing Cognitive Functions, Ayurvedic Medicine for Memory Power, Concentration Span & Ability Brento contains ingredients traditionally known as Medhya Rasayna which have been used since ancient times in conditions such as cognitive dysfunction, mental debility, lack of concentration. For paediatric patients, Brento helps correcting disorders such as dyslexia and hyperkinesis. As a daily health supplement, Brento has been found to be of immense benefit for students, working people, professionals & elderly people with associated memory weakness.

Secondly ,Zandu Brento Syrup is a herbal brain tonic that helps improve cognitive function and memory. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body cope with stress and anxiety. Vacha is used to promote mental clarity and alertness.

Brento Syrup is a non-habit forming formula that can be used by people of all ages to support healthy brain function. It is especially beneficial for students, professionals, and elderly people who may experience age-related cognitive decline. The syrup is also suitable for people who experience mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety due to a hectic lifestyle.

 Indications :-

  • Lack of concentration
  • Dyslexia
  • Loss of Memory
  • Hyperkinesis

Effects on Tridosha :-

  • It balances all doshas.

Ingredients :-

  • Shankhapushpi
  • Brahmi
  • Ashwagandha
  • Yashtimadhu
  • Kushta
  • Vacha
  • Sarpagandha
  • Chandrodaya ras

Direction for use :-

  • Adults : 1-2 tablets thrice a day.
  • Children : 1 tablet thrice a day.
  • Consult physician before starting any medicine.

Side Effects :-

  • There are no side effects of this product till taken under physician advice.

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